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Drift Records

Drift Records is a casual, non-profit, netlabel. The main goal is to help spread the music, and gain exposure for under-exposed, yet talented artists. This netlabel will feature any genre of music, as long as the mood is not very harsh, but more on the relaxing side.

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Drift Records
Oct 30, 2006
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Wait Here With Me is an album of lush ambient pads, with scattered plinks of piano and bells. The songs are occasionally driven by a rolling bass and scant rhythmic textures.
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Topic: david,newlyn,ambient,minimal
Drift Records
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Set In Sand has created a unique style of his own through the fusion of many other styles. Crunchy Trip Hop beats lay the groundwork for his guitar based IDM ala DoF and Skytree. As an added treat, cLOUDDEAD reminiscent vocals bounce in and out of songs. Mini Splintered Things is the perfect album to listen to while wandering aimlessly over sidewalks on a sunny spring day, stepping to the beat, and bobbing your head in rhythm. Get this album so you can say you were a fan when Set In Sand was...
Topics: set in sand, drift, trip hop, idm
Drift Records
Feb 4, 2006
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This is the first album from Kernel32's alter ego, Bannister Boy. It's a little more downtempo and features pianos, strings, and bells being cut up and arranged to create warm atmospheres with very soft and subtle rhythm.
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Topics: idm, drift, bannister boy, kernel32, cut up